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My name is André, I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, and backcountry adventurer currently based out of Victoria BC. Thanks for taking a few minutes and checking out some of my work.



Through my mix-media approach, I realistically capture both the wildlife and landscapes of the places where I explore and play. I seek out remote and wild places on my adventures which often take me deep in the back-country of Vancouver Island and Coastal BC. Through my art I endeavour to share these places with detailed images and compelling visual stories.

commercial illustration

My unique illustrative style features a combination of traditional dip quill ink work blended with watercolor painting. With a stylized approach to hyper-realism, my work often focuses on landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor sports such paddle sports, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. Paired with intricate and elegant hand lettering, my work is well suited to a variety of commercial applications such as editorial illustration and packaging.

Graphic Design

With over a decade of professional experience, my internationally award-winning designs feature a unique combination of traditional techniques such as illustration, hand lettering, and analog textures that are mixed modern, digital layouts. The resulting products have a truly custom aesthetic that connects with audiences authentically and on a personal level.