My name is André,

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, and backcountry adventurer currently living in Victoria, BC.

My love for art and the outdoors began as a kid growing up on a lake in rural Ontario. In the summers, my days were either filled with exploring nature in the forests and bays of my home. Or inside our small cabin, drawing the things I found on my adventures. In the winters, I would travel across Canada and the United States with my family. We would traverse the continent, visiting and exploring national, provincial, and state parks as we went. All the while, I continued to create art inspired by our travels. It was these years that forged my love of the outdoors, adventure, and art which became the foundation for all personal and professional aspirations.

Currently as a backcountry adventurer, I’m constantly seeking the lonely beauty that is found in the wild and remote places on Vancouver Island and Coastal BC. Through my mix-media approach, I strive to realistically capture both the wildlife and landscapes of the places where I explore and play. Through my art, I endeavour to share these places through my detailed images and compelling visual stories. As an avid outdoorsman, I’m passionate about wildlife and wilderness conservation and many of my illustrations attempt to bring awareness to these areas and to share their natural beauty.

Each illustration I do is a combination of watercolor painting and acrylic ink through the use of a quill. By using several different and overlapping techniques between the mediums, I’m able to use the best qualities of each to recreate the highly realistic scenes that have great visual depth.

Though my first love has always been wilderness art, my work also includes commercial illustration and graphic design. I hold an advanced diploma in graphic design from Algonquin College with a specialization in print design and illustration. With over a decade of professional experience, my work features a combination of traditional techniques such as illustration and hand lettering mixed with modern digital layouts. My internationally award winning style has a truly custom aesthetic that connects with audiences authentically and on a personal level.

Some of my past clients include: Lululemon, The BC Forest Practices Board, CVS Tours, Crag X Climbing Centre, Nita Beer Company (Ottawa), and Mayfly Coffee (USA).


  • 2016 Muse Creative Awards | Gold - Single Packaging: Nita Ten12 Can

  • 2009 MAD Awards | 1st Place - Editorial Illustration

  • 2008 MAD Awards | 1st Place - Humorous Illustration

  • 2008 MAD Awards | 3rd Place - Illustration